Oracle Digital Assistant

Automate personalized Service Experiences at Scale

The architecture of Oracle Digital Assistant offers a unified entry point for customers or employees, linking them to an assortment of conversational digital services and skills. Given the robust nature and immense potential of this platform, the challenge lies in maximizing its utility. This is precisely the area where MSS excels, ensuring users reap the full benefits of the system.

MSS is proficient in the three essential roles necessary to effectively leverage the immense capabilities of the Digital Assistant platform within the Enterprise domain.

- Conversational Design: This encompasses the creation of design, the crafting of copy, and enhancing the user experience.
- Business Analysis: This involves training the Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, conducting analytics, and deriving insights from user interactions.
- Development and Integration: This pertains to creating responses for user intents, developing various skills, and utilizing JavaScript for integration with back-end systems.