Oracle Kubernetes Engine

Unlock the full potential of containerization on the cloud. Our Oracle Kubernetes Engine managed services offer secure, scalable, and highly available container management solutions.

Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) is a fully-managed, scalable, and highly available service that enables organizations to easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. OKE offers a range of benefits for organizations looking to leverage the power of containerization on the cloud.

With OKE, organizations can benefit from automatic scaling, robust security, seamless integration with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, built-in monitoring and logging, and high availability. OKE makes it easy to create and manage Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks, and users can choose the size and shape of their worker nodes based on their specific requirements.

OKE is built with high availability and fault tolerance in mind, which means that it is designed to minimize downtime and ensure that applications remain available and responsive at all times. OKE provides multiple layers of security to protect containerized applications and data, including role-based access control (RBAC), network security policies, and integration with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.

OKE is fully integrated with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, such as Oracle Container Registry, which enables users to easily store and manage their container images. With OKE, organizations can optimize resource usage, improve application performance, and ensure the availability of their applications on the cloud.

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